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Funny Extension For Chrome 2015 Plugin Block Tracking Cookies

Block Tracking Cookies Best Extensions For Chrome

Best Extensions For Chrome, Plugin,Block Tracking Cookies, Privacy, Bookmark ManagerMost websites use cookies for the valid purposes of storing your login information and preferences, but others plant cookies in your browser to track your online activities for advertising and analytics. If you’re not comfortable with this potential invasion of your privacy, you can use famous software and antivirus company AVG’s new "Crumble" best privacy extension for chrome to gain more control over cookies. This cleverly named Chrome extension lets you block – or ‘crumble’ – non-essential cookies, while allowing those that websites need to function properly. Crumble’s color coded panel keeps track of all the cookies it’s ‘crumbled’ today and since you installed the add-on, and you can hover your mouse over the green and red sections to see their names. Crumble works quietly and efficiently, and usefully blocks trackers from social-media sites. On one Digital Spy page, it prevented more than 130 cookies from installing!

Restore Chrome’s old Bookmark Manager

Chrome’s new Bookmark Manager extension in 2015 displays your saved sites as a grid of colored tiles rather than in a list, which makes it more visually appealing but harder to manage if you have a lot of bookmarks. If you’d prefer to have the old Bookmark Manager back, you can use the following simple tweak. Type chrome:flags into the address bar and press Enter to open the ‘Careful, these experiments may bite’ page. Find the entry Enable Enhanced Bookmarks, choose Disabled from the drop-down menu and relaunch Chrome to apply the change. You can easily switch back to the new Bookmark Manager by re- enabling the feature.

Stop companies knowing you’ve read their emails with new privacy extension

Some companies now embed an ‘invisible’ pixel in marketing emails that allows them to track the message. As soon as you open the email, the pixel sends information back to the server including the time, your location and the device you’re using. This info helps the company target you with further marketing messages, but you may also regard it as an invasion of your privacy, which is where PixelBlock comes in handy. This new privacy extension for Gmail blocks attempts to use hidden pixels to track emails, and highlights sneaky messages with a red-eye symbol. Click this symbol and PixelBlock tells you the source of the email, which may differ from the official sender. Although the add-on prevents companies from knowing that you’ve opened their emails, you may want to boost your privacy further by adding repeat offenders to your list of blocked senders.

Give everyone on the web a trendy beard with funny extension

I recommended the fun extension Googlifier which adds googly eyes to people in online photos. Wurstify performs the similar trick of superimposing a tidy beard on everyone’s face, in honour of last year’s Euro vision winner, Conchita Wurst. Once it’s installed, you just click the toolbar button to ‘wurstify’ every visage on that page. This best funny extension works surprisingly well and it’s amazing how much better some folk look with a bit of growth on their chin (see Edward Miliband).

Edward Miliband Funny, trendy beard, funny extension

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      Funny Extension For Chrome 2015 Plugin Block Tracking Cookies
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